Archive/Database: Publication and Material list for Cultural Control and Policy on Dance in Asia-Pacific Region

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Call for Participation and Partners:"Archive/Database: Publication and Material list for Cultural Control and Policy on Dance in Asia-Pacific Region"

Yaping Chen, PhD (Taiwan)
Yukihiko YOSHIDA(Japan)

The study in cultural control and policy would be an important field in dance research now, especially when we analyze the development of dance in Asia Pacific Region. Hence, a multi-lingual online archive serving as an exchange platform for research materials will greatly enhance cross-cultural research and understanding of this specific subject. Now the first ever project in this regard is underway. As the first step, Yukihiko Yoshida and Dr. Yaping Chen are making publication and material lists for cultural policy related to dance under Japanese Colonialism before WW2. Even in Japan, this is still a hidden subject in both Japanese and Asian dance history researches. Yukihiko is currently compiling such a list within Japan. Related materials in difference languages are believed to exist in countries ranging from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea to South-east Asian countries such as Malaysia. All the contributed lists will be credited with the contributors' names and shared in the online archive.

Cultural policy under Japanese colonialism is just the beginning of the project, and compiling lists are but the first step. We hope to include publication and material lists from the more recent past in the archive as well. The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate and promote researches in the relationship between cultural policy and dance throughout Asia-Pacific Region. In the future, cross-national research projects may be conducted through the international connections made possible by this online archive.

We look forward to welcoming new members and partners.

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Now, for internal only

In future, we will release the database on Internet.

Project members:
Taiwan: Dr. Yaping Chen, Chi-Fang Chao
Japan: Yukihiko Yoshida, Akiko Nikaido, Prof. Sho Suzuki

Publication and Material list
Japan, by Yukihiko YOSHIDA

Education Material Project

Dances of Asia Pacific, WDA-AP, Research Documentation Network

Cultural Policy
Japan Popculture Association, Stanford University Japan Center:Japan
Queensland University of Technology, Performing Arts and Cultural Culster: Australia

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World Dance Alliance, Research Documentation Network
Japanese Dance Documentation Network
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