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Link list : Asia Pacific

[Globalization and Governance]

Globalization and Governance

[Newspapers,Radios, TV Stations]

link list in Japanese

[Modern Dance History in Asia]

Japanese modern dance:
*Baku Ishii, Michio Itoh, Seiko Takada and Masao Takada
They started dancing with Italian Ballet Teacher.
cf. Takaya Eguchi and Misako Miya studied at the Dance Institute of Masao Takada.
*Masami Kuni
Korean Dancer who workd in Japan with Japanese name
Kuni graduated Tokyo University and became dancer. Before WW2, he went to Germany and worked with Laban and Wigman.

*LEE Tsai-er (Ri Saiga) Taiwan,origin of Taiwanese Modern Dance, from Baku Ishii's Company
*Tsai Jui-yueh, Matriarch of Taiwan Dance

From Baku Ishii's company,
*Choi Sung-hui (Sai Shoki) Korea,origin of Korean Modern Dance
*Choi Sung-hui:
There are some books written by Korean and Korean-Chinese dance scholars about Choi's work during the Japanese occupation, including the relationship with Baku.

*Mr. Wu Xiao-bang (1906-): origin of Chinese Modern Dance
He stayed 3 times in Japan.
1stTime:Attended the performance of Baku Ishii and
recital by Ishii's Korean student Choi Sung-hui.
2nd Time:entered the Dance Institute of Masao Takada
3rd Time:studied German Modern dance with both Takaya Equchi and Misako Miya

[Archives before WW2 -documents in the age of Japanese colonialism-]

Shinpei Goto,the founder of South Manchurian Railway Company and Director of Public Welfare Bereau of the Governor-General of Taiwan

The Importance of Taiwanese Archives:introduction in Japanese
National Taiwan University Library
National Central Library Taiwan Branch
Taiwan Histrica

South Manchurian Railway Company's Libraries, the most important and largest archive in Asia before WW2
South Manchuria Railway's Libraries and Miyogo Ohsa
Kazuo Katoh,Japanese colonial libraries
Kazuo Katoh,Book lists:Japanese colonial libraries

[image resource]
Archive:Japanese Colonial Film in Taiwan bofre WW2

[Dance Documentation]

YOSHIDA,Yukihiko,"Documentation on Dance and Performance in Japan and Asia Pacific",The Newsletter of the Society of American Archivists' Performing Arts Roundtable, Issue Winter/Spring,2005
Dances :Unesco World Cultural Heritage

[Research Documentation Networks]

Dance Rebooted
Dance Mailing List/Japan:Japan
Japan Studies Network Forum:Japan

[Body Culture]

International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Culture, published in Suwon, Korea:International Journal


[International Project]
Little Asia Dance Exchange Network :LADEN
--from Japan:Motoko Ikeda
performance unit 66b
Asia Art Archive


Tesuo Kogawa,"Moving Cities",(written in Japanese)
Koichi Iwabuchi,"Recentering Globalization:Popular Culture and Japanese Transnationalism".
Fiberculture,related to Greet Lovnik


Yukihiko YOSHIDA's dance writing: tokyo dance scene
NewZealand Dance Diary

[Schools,researchers,materials and archives: list and links]

Sang Mi Park:Cultural Policy in the age of Japanese Colonialism and Choi Sung-hui
KIM, Jinsong, "Formation of Modernity in Korea", Research Collective for Cultural Studies through Bookpost Agency and The Sakai Agency, INC, 1999:
Colonial Modernity in Korea including dance culture (ballroom dance, Choi Sung-hui etc)

Lee Tsai-er,"Forever the Pearl in Taiwan", Chi-fan Chao, Council for Culture Affairs,August 2004
Tsai Jui-yuen,"Prophet of Taiwan's Dance, An Oral History by Tsai Jui-yuen"
Ya-Ping Chenfs Publications since 1997:

  1. gEmbodying Gender Struggle and Social Protest: the Influence of Tanztheater and the Awakening of Feminist Consciousness in Taiwanfs Modern Dance.h Proceedings of 2004 CORD/WDA/ICKL International Dance Conference, Taiwan (2003 CORD Graduate Research Award).
  2. "Dancing in the Shadow of Chinese Nationalism and Anti-Communism: Minzu Wudao Movement in the 1950s Taiwan.h 2004 CORD/WDA/ICKL International Dance Conference, Taiwan.
  3. s‰_–å•‘ì‹àŠv“±ã׏‘tC’‰ëäʓ™’˜C‹àŠvo”ŎЏo”Łi2003jB
  4. q‰_–åg铎O\”NrCs‰_–å•‘WŽO\T”N“ÁŠ§tC‰_–å•‘W•¶‹³Šî‹à˜ðo”Łi2003jB
  5. gDance History and Cultural Politics: a Study of Contemporary Dance in Taiwan.h Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. Dept. of Performance Studies, New York University, USA (2003).
  6. q•‘çD•]˜_äo•‘çDŒ¤‹†„Ÿ„ŸˆÈ—ќ喯“Is”’ŽÖ™Btˆ×—árCs•‘çD”ü›{‹y•]˜_Œ¤“¢˜ð›“WtCš —§‘äàsåYp‘å›{•‘çD›{Œn (2002)B
  7. q•‘çDA—«äog铄Ÿ„Ÿ•‘çDŒ€êäo‘äàsŒ»‘ã•‘’†—«ˆÓŽ¯“IæSÁrCs•‘çDA‹³ˆçäo•¶‰»: 2002‘äàs•‘çDŒ¤“¢˜ð˜_•¶WtCš —§‘ä–kåYp‘å›{ (2002)B
  8. Žå•Òs•‘çDŒ¤‹†äo‘äàs??V¢‘ã“I“W–]Œ¤“¢˜ð˜_•¶Wt(’†‰p•¶™ÔŒê”Å)Bš —§’†³•¶‰»’†So”Å(2001)B
  9. qŽÐ˜ðæ…?äoŒãŒ»‘ãŽå‹`•¶–{ŒÝŽw??˜_—…™ÖäɓI“Vš o‘–rCs•‘çDŒ¤‹†äo‘äàs??V¢‘ã“I“W–]Œ¤“¢˜ð˜_•¶WtBš —§’†³•¶‰»’†So”Å (2001)B
  10. gTransculturating Modern Dance: Voices of Innovation and Protest in the Post-Cloud Gate
    Taiwan,h Asian Dance: Voice of the Millennium. Ed. by Mohd Anis Md Nor, PhD. Kuala Lumpur: Asia Pacific Dance Research Society & Cultural Centre, University of Malaya. (2000)
  11. "In Taiwan the Exotic Puts Out New Blooms," Ballet International. (1998/1)
  12. gJourney Into the East: Eastern Body Aesthetics and Orientalism in Taiwanfs Modern Dance.h Proceedings of International Dance Conference gDance on e97h in Hong Kong. World Dance Alliance.
Yatin Lin,"Dancing in the Age of Globalization:Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and the Political Economy of Touring"
Hsin-Chun Tuan:
  1. Music and Sound: Feminism Echoes in "The Taming of the Shrew," "Kiss Me, Kate" and "The Vagina Monologues"
  2. "National and Culutral Identity in Taiwan Theater"
Ting-Ting Chang,"How Chinese Ballet used to Represent Communist Ideology"
TNUA:Taipei National University of Arts
Cloud Gate Dance Theater

Videos,"Development of Modern Dance in Japan",Contemporary Dance Assiciation of Japan
"Japanese Dance History Chronological Table 1900-1959",New National Theater Japan
Koichi Iwabuchi:Japanese popular culture in Asia
Naoki Sakai
Yukihiko YOSHIDA:music and dance press(since 1930),ArtsCure,RealTokyo
Namie Amuro,Tetsuya Komuro:Japanese popular culture
Okinawa and Cultural Typhoon2004
Ian Condry,Japanese Hip-Hop

Australia Dancing:The Australian Dance Collection
Performance Paradigm.net
University of New South Wales,Sydney
Yuji Sone
Creative Industries,Queensland University of Technology
Victorian College of the Arts
Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts
Adelaide Centre

[New Zealand]
New Zealand Arts on the web
A dance is worth 10,000 words
Sidesteps: an archive of New Zealand dance writing since 1993
dancers and covers, features, reviews and commentary, programme notes, papers and abstracts, book reviews, other writing

editor Anis Nor,"Asia Pacific Dance Research Society Database",MyDanceAlliance,1999
editor Anis Nor,"Asian Dance",MyDanceAlliance,2000
editor Anis Nor,"Diversity in Motion",MyDanceAlliance,2003

Benedict Anderson,"Imagined Communities"
Sal Murgiyanto

Hong Kong Dance Alliance

National Arts Council, Singapore
dance organisation (non-profit):
I Dance Central
arts college website:
LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts
Nanyang Acedemy of Fine Arts
professional contemporary dance company website:
The Arts Fission Company
Ecnad Project Limited
professional ballet dance company website:
Singapore Dance Theatre
community ethnic performing arts groups/organisation website for Chinese:
Dance Ensemble Singaore
Singapore Hokien Huay Kuan Dance Troupe
for Indian:
Bhaskar's Arts Academy
Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society
for Malay:
Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Limited

NARThAKI: your gateway to the world of Indian dance

[Dance and Technologies]

Jeffrey Shaw,Australia


Edward Said,"Orientalism"
Susan Leigh Foster
John and Ruth Solomon,"East and west meets in Dance"
"Traces"edited by Naoki Sakai
ASTR:National Culture and National Ideology Research Group
Tesuo Kogawa
Donna Haraway
Trinh. T. Minh-ha
Post Colonial and Post Imperial Literature by George Landow,also known as Hypertext Researcher
Inter-Asia:Cultural Studies in Asia
Positions:east asia cultures critique
Asian Theatre Journal
Database of Pre-1945 East Asian Picture
Dance Links: NYPL(The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts)





NYPL (The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts) made hyperlink to this page. (July,2005)

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