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3rd Session:Telematic Dress/Connective Tissue 05/26,2005 from 9:00-11:00 JST
2nd session:Telematic Dress/Connective Tissue03/18,2005 from 11:00-13:00 JST
1st session01/22,2005 from 9:00-11:00 JST
test of video streaming/imagedata:no.109/22,2004 from 9:00-12:00 JST
test of video streaming/imagedata:no. 209/22,2004 from 9:00-12:00 JST

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Yukihiko YOSHIDA's project

Projects:work in progress

Section: Video Dance
Section: Cyborg and Robot
"Interactive Environment",Scott Fisher
Xanalogical Artists Society
--Telematic Project as "Cinema of Mind", Ted Nelson
choreologia:mirroring server for Isadora,LabanWriter and OSU Products
Japanese Society for Dance Research
World Dance Alliance Japan

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Link List for Digital Culture Lab 2005

Interesting Japanese DanceTech Products list:
By Yukihiko YOSHIDA
Date: 18th,Jan,2005
Version alpha
Minako Nakamura
Labanotation Filter from VRML Data ,XML for Labanotation
No Webpage
Toru Nakata
POSY:article on POSY
III)Space Development:
Tetsuo Fukuhara
article on Space Dance Project
IV) Video Game,Animation:
DDR:Dance Dance Revolution
2nd GIG

On Japanese Research Documentation Network

Toward WDA-AP's Research Documentation Network

--Tribute to Carl Wolz
Wolz's vision on Research Documetnation Network is in this paper:
Wolz,Carl,'Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Some Thoughts on International Networking', "East Meets West in Dance Voices in the Cross-Cultural Dialogue",Harwood academic publishers GmbH,1995

Report on Japanese Research Documentation Network:
latest version:
YOSHIDA,Yukihiko,"Collaborative Research Networks and Grids for Dance Research in Japan",moderator:Dr Sarah Rubidge:School of Visual Performing ,Dance Rebooted Initializing the Grid,Deakin Univeristy,July 3,2004
2002 version:
YOSHIDA,Yukihiko,"Establishment of A Collaborative Research Network for Dance Research in Japan",moderator:Roger Copeland:Oberlin College Department of Theater and Dance, Taiwan National University of Arts,CORD/ICKL/WDA,August 2,2004

Transdisciplinarity and Dance Research

Isabelle Stengers,"Transdisciplinarity"
Michel Seere,Center for Sociology of Innovation
Michel Callon,Bruno Latour"Network",Center for Research in Applied Epistemology
Dance Research Database system with Transdisciplinary Semantic Associative Search

links:Grid Computing in Japan

Access Grid/research project
Computing:Data Grid/ Computational Grid/Business Grid

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